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04.4.1 Trigger on Webhook

Node Description

Trigger on Webhook is a trigger node type that serves as the entry point into the scenario. Requests are sent to the URL of the Trigger on Webhook node, initiating the execution of the scenario.

Node Configuration

After adding the Trigger on Webhook node, two versions of its URL are automatically generated. Both URL versions are displayed in the Path field:

  • The Production-version is accessible by clicking the Production URL. Sending requests to this URL version can be continuous, and the scenario execution will not stop until the scenario is manually halted or a critical error occurs.;
  • The Development-version is accessible by clicking the Development URL. Sending a request to this URL version runs the scenario once, after which the scenario stops its operation. This is useful for testing and debugging the scenario temporarily without prolonged execution.

The generated URL can be either partially modified (1) or copied (2), for later inclusion in the request sent to trigger the scenario.


You can send requests to the Trigger on Webhook node's address using the POST method (if data needs to be transmitted to the node) or the GET method (if a simple node triggering is required).